College Convocation

Over the past few months, faculty members have received messages from various College administrators, including Dr. Posey, inviting us to participate in the College Convocation on Tuesday, November 12.  The agenda for the Convocation was distributed to faculty on Oct. 25 via an email message from Jean Manning.

The purpose of Jean’s invitation is to determine what size rooms will be reserved for breakout sessions and what food should be ordered, so please be certain to register for the Convocation by this Friday, November 1st at

Under the terms of the current collective bargaining Agreement, instructional faculty members are required to attend the Convocation, as an “in-service day,” defined as a part of instructional faculty workload.

Instructional faculty members who do not attend the Convocation should report Nov. 12 as a personal leave day, since this is a mandatory day of service at the College.

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MOU completed: compensation for online courses transitioned from terms to semesters

The AAUP and the College administration have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) regarding how faculty members will be compensated for transitioning online courses offered on the term calendar to the semester calendar.

Faculty members who are eligible for this compensation will receive a form this week. The form contains the name of the semester course, the course category (indicating the level of effort required to transition the course to semesters), and the rate of compensation for that category. A separate form is provided for each course eligible for compensation.

Faculty members must complete the remainder of the form and return it to the Division Dean (or designee) by May 15, 2013.

The complete MOU is available in PDF format on the Library page.

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MOU completed for implementing contractual Service Day requirements

The AAUP and the College administration have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the Service Days provisions of the AAUP Unit 1 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Additional information and the full text of the MOU are in the AAUP News, July 18, 2012, on the Library page. Also, the complete MOU is available in PDF format on the Library page.

The AAUP will schedule a meeting soon to answer faculty questions and concerns related to implementation of the Service Days MOU.

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Health Insurance information

The AAUP has been informed by the administration that the College health insurance carrier will change from Anthem to Humana effective August 1, 2012. Additional information is in the June 18 AAUP News.

Other information related to the change in insurance carriers:

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Unit 1 Contract available; Unit 2 Contract coming soon

The AAUP Unit 1 Collective Bargaining Agreement 2011-2014 is available for downloading from the Library page.

Final language for two sections of the contract was resolved by Faculty and Administration representatives in May. Production is in process of contract booklets for all unit members. Two Memorandums of understanding (MOUs) related to contract implementation are still under discussion (Read more details in the AAUP News, May 18, 2012, on the Library< page.)

The AAUP Unit 2 contract will be posted soon on the Library page.

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Unfair Labor Practice charge resolved with Administration letter of apology

The Unfair Labor Practice Charge filed by the AAUP in September was resolved on Jan. 6. As part of the settlement, the Co-Chief Negotiators for the Administration Bargaining Team, attorney James Lawrence and Human Resources Director Gene Breyer, sent a Letter of Apology to the Faculty Chief Negotiator, Geoff Woolf.

(Read more details in the Jan. 30, 2012, AAUP Newsletter, on the Library page.)

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