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Picket Lines – September 23, 2011

Despite the rain, AAUP members were out on the picket lines in full force on the first day of the strike.


Have a Heart Luncheon – February 19, 2009

The annual AAUP Have a Heart luncheon is an event for local chapter members to donate sick days to our sick leave bank. Because of these donations, we’ve already been able to support many members of our Cincinati State community over the years.

Kenneth V. Stoll AAUP Scholarship Luncheon – June 4, 2008

The AAUP Executive Committee is proud to announce that the AAUP Scholarship will now be the Kenneth V. Stoll AAUP Scholarship, in recognition of Ken’s many years of service to the College. Ken was a member of the College’s first graduating class. He returned to the College to become a faculty member, and served many years as a Dean before returning to the classroom prior to his retirement. Ken was a member of the AAUP Executive Committee and also served on the Faculty Negotiating Team.
Ken Stoll and Paul Davis
James A. York and his program advisor, Kathy Freed of Graphic Communication
The AAUP scholarship provides $2,000 to be used for tuition, fees, and books. The scholarship is awarded to continuing student who has demonstrated academic excellence while attending Cincinnati State. A committee of AAUP faculty members reviews the applications and selects the award recipient.

Ecker Reception – January 15, 2008

Honoree Pam Ecker chats with Interim Cincinnati State President Dr. John Henderson
Cincinnati State AAUP President Paul Davis spoke first, pointing out that the work of our chapter “has been accomplished because we all played a part, but it took the leadership of Pam Ecker to bring it all together.”
Past Bargaining Team member Marcha Hunley spoke next.
Grievance Officer John Battistone displayed his “Pammy” collection of ties.
Past President (and reception honoree) Pam Ecker wrapped things up as she stated, “I want to thank everyone for acknowledging my work. It is the union’s work.”
As Paul said, “None of us can rest. All of us need to be involved, young, not as young, tenured and not tenured and no matter what division we are housed it is our duty to take the talents, education and the advantages we have been given by our AAUP contract and other sources and to work hard to be better and to make this not only the best AAUP chapter in America, but the best college. This is what Pam has taught us and this would be the best thank you we could give Pam. Thank you Pam.”