Faculty responsibilities and Spring Break

Next week Cincinnati State will have its first-ever Spring Break, and some faculty members have asked the AAUP for guidance on attendance and faculty responsibilities during this break.

Instructional faculty are not required to be on campus during Spring Break. However, we are in the middle of an academic semester– so as a professional, even if you don’t have any classes during the next week, instructional faculty should periodically check your email and any other communications your students typically use to get in touch with you, and respond to student concerns in a timely manner.

Faculty members whose responsibilities include advising and/or scheduling (including Program Chairs and Department Chairs) should have talked to your Division administrators about how you will provide support for students and deal with other concerns related to Summer Registration, which begins on March 16.

Faculty members with specific questions related to faculty responsibilities during Spring Break, should get in touch with AAUP Contract Compliance Officer Geoff Woolf.

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BOT approves Unit 2 contract

The College Board of Trustees voted 6-0 to approve the contract for AAUP Unit 2. The vote was conducted in a public meeting held after the Board’s Executive Session meeting on Feb. 24.

Provisions of the new contract agreement include:
– Raises to base salary of 2% a year,  for each year of the 3-year contract (the first-year raise is retroactive to the contract start date, Dec. 23, 2014).
– Clarification of scheduled work time spent in College service and/or professional development activities.
– Unit members gain the right to “cash out” unused vacation days.
– Discussion of tenure criteria for members of Unit 2 is referred to the FACT committee.
– Other new contract language makes the Unit 2 contract consistent with the current Unit 1 contract.

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AAUP 2 accepts tentative agreement; BOT vote expected soon

The members of Cincinnati State AAUP, Bargaining Unit 2, voted unanimously on Feb. 13 to accept the tentative agreement for a new contract that was presented to the unit members.

The College Board of Trustees must accept the tentative agreement before it can become an official contract. We expect the Board to vote on the tentative agreement at their meeting on Feb. 24.

Thank you to the Faculty Bargaining Team– Geoff Woolf, Darlene Gray, and Pam Ecker– and thank you to all of our Unit 2 Chapter members who participated in today’s important vote. Thanks also to members of Unit 1 who supported the efforts over the past few months to negotiate a new contract for our faculty colleagues in Unit 2.

David Simmermon
President, Cincinnati State AAUP

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Unit 2 negotiations: Feb. 11 – We have a tentative agreement!

On Wednesday, Feb. 11, the Faculty and Administration Bargaining Teams reached a tentative agreement on a new 3-year contract for AAUP Bargaining Unit 2.

The Faculty Team will present the details of the Tentative Agreement to the members of Unit 2 at a meeting on Friday, Feb. 13, starting at 1:30 p.m., in Main 276.

Unit 2 members will have an opportunity to review the details and ask questions before voting on the Tentative Agreement.

Faculty Chief Negotiator Geoff Woolf said, “The collaborative tone that helped make our Unit 1 negotiations successful was also a big positive factor in the Unit 2 negotiations. Both sides were willing to engage in open, productive discussion and problem-solving related to the issues of concern.”

“As a result, we reached a tentative agreement that is fiscally responsible, and also offers some important improvements for the Pre-admit Advisors and other Unit 2 faculty members whose work is important to the success of so many Cincinnati State students,” Geoff added.

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AAUP Unit 2 negotiations: Feb. 9

Contract negotiations for AAUP Unit 2 continued with a 1-hour session on Monday, Feb. 9. The next bargaining session is scheduled for Wednesday,  Feb. 11.

Faculty Chief Negotiator Geoff Woolf said the Faculty team offered a comprehensive settlement proposal that takes into consideration administration and faculty concerns related to Unit 2 workload, compensation, benefits, and tenure.

According to Geoff, the administration team said they needed some time to consider the faculty proposal, so the teams will meet again on Wednesday.

“Our settlement offer is a good-faith attempt to address key points expressed by both sides, and achieve a fair conclusion to these negotiations,” Geoff said.

“We hope we can finish our bargaining and reach a tentative contract agreement soon,” Geoff added.

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AAUP Unit 2 negotiations: Jan. 23

Contract negotiations for AAUP Unit 2 continued with a 1-hour session on Friday,  Jan. 23. The next bargaining session is likely to take place during the first week in February.

Administration Team members attending the Jan. 23 session included Carla Chance, Temesha Corbin, and Steve Brooks. The Faculty Team members are Geoff Woolf, Pam Ecker, and Darlene Gray.

Faculty team members said topics of discussion included the contract articles on compensation, workload, benefits, and tenure.

Geoff said a meeting is scheduled for members of Unit 2 next Friday, Jan. 30.

“The AAUP Executive Committee and the Bargaining Team would like to get some feedback from the unit members regarding one of the issues that has been discussed at the table,” Geoff said.

“All of the proposals are on the table now,” Geoff continued. “When the teams meet again in February, we hope we can resolve the remaining issues and prepare a tentative agreement to present to the Unit 2 faculty members and the College Board of Trustees.”

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AAUP Unit 2 negotiations: Jan. 8

Contract negotiations for AAUP Unit 2 resumed with a 3-hour session on Thursday,  Jan. 8. The next bargaining session is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 23.

Administration Team members attending included Carla Chance, Soni Hill, Temesha Corbin, Jennifer Hall, Betty Young, and Steve Brooks. The Faculty Team members are Geoff Woolf, Pam Ecker, and Darlene Gray.

Mediator John Gray also attended the session.

Faculty team members said discussion topics involved portions of the contract articles on workload, benefits, and tenure.

“We have some complex issues to consider that will need further discussion,” Geoff said. “Both teams are going to examine the proposals and concepts we talked about today, so we can make progress when we meet again in two weeks.”

“Both sides hope we can achieve a tentative agreement that can be presented to the faculty members of Unit 2 and the College Board of Trustees in February,” Geoff added.

The current contract for Unit 2 expired Dec. 23 but the terms of that contract will remain in effect until negotiations for a new contract are completed.

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Unit 2 negotiations on hold until January

Bargaining for a new contract for AAUP Unit 2 will resume in January.

Faculty Chief Negotiator Geoff Woolf said he was informed on Thursday, Dec. 18, that the administration team is not available for additional bargaining prior to start of the College’s winter break.

“In our initial sessions, we seemed to be making good progress in identifying the key issues, so it’s disappointing that we could not meet this week,” Geoff said. “The AAUP wanted to complete negotiations before the current contract expired.”

“We hope the administration team will be available for additional bargaining sessions early in January,” Geoff added.

The current contract for Unit 2 expires Dec. 23. Geoff said the terms of the current contract will remain in effect until negotiations for a new contract are completed.

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AAUP Unit 2 negotiations: Dec. 12

The bargaining teams for the AAUP Unit 2 contract met on Friday, Dec. 12, for about 90 minutes.

The Administration Team at the session included Executive Vice President Carla Chance, Interim Vice President of Enrollment and Student Development Soni Hill, Director of the Advising Center Temesha Corbin, Manager of Labor Relations Steve Brooks, and Associate Dean of Health & Public Safety Jennifer Hall.

The Faculty Team members are Geoff Woolf, Darlene Gray, and Pam Ecker.

Mediator John Gray attended the session also.

Faculty Team members said the session focused on gaining additional understanding of the concerns that were identified during Thursday’s bargaining session.

Topics of discussion included the Unit 2 faculty annual calendar and scheduling of workday responsibilities, the use of vacation days, and the work performed by Unit 2 members that provides service to the College community, which sometimes occurs on evenings and weekends.

The teams also exchanged ideas about the value and importance of tenure for Unit 2 faculty members.

Faculty Chief Negotiator Geoff Woolf said, “Today we focused on general concepts rather than specific proposals. Both sides talked honestly about our concerns, which should help us establish a good foundation for the eventual exchange of proposals.”

Geoff said the Faculty Team also provided some background information about Unit 2 faculty work.

“Several of the members of the Administration Team are new to bargaining for this unit,” Geoff said. “In some instances, providing some of the history of the unit can help these administrators better understand certain aspects of the contract.”

“The faculty members in Unit 2 are highly credentialed and highly qualified, and their work has a special place in the life of the College community,” Geoff said. “We believe the members of Unit 2 are entitled to working conditions and rights that are commensurate with their faculty counterparts in Unit 1.”

Geoff added, “As a faculty organization, AAUP has the same expectations for members of Unit 2 as we do for those in Unit 1. In bargaining, we generally resist efforts to make changes that would create more differences between the two units.”

The next negotiation session is not yet scheduled, but Geoff said he expects the bargaining teams to meet again early next week.

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Contract negotiations begin for AAUP Unit 2

Contract negotiations for AAUP Unit 2 began with a one-hour session on Thursday, Dec. 11. Another bargaining session is scheduled for Friday, starting at 10 a.m.

Members of the Faculty Bargaining Team said the first session was cordial and both sides share the goal of completing negotiations efficiently. The contract for this bargaining unit expires on Dec. 23.

The Faculty Bargaining Team is Geoff Woolf (chief spokesperson), Darlene Gray, and Pam Ecker.

Executive Vice President Carla Chance is chief spokesperson for the Administration Bargaining Team. Other team members are Soni Hill, Interim Vice President of Enrollment and Student Development; Temesha Corbin, Director of the Advising Center; Betty Young, Director of Human Resources; and Steve Brooks, Manager of Labor Relations.

Mediator John Gray, from the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service, also attended the session.

Geoff said the teams discussed areas of the contract where changes may be proposed.

“The Unit 2 contract contains many articles that are the same as the Unit 1 contract,” Geoff said. “We agreed that many of the changes made in Unit 1 negotiations will be applied to the comparable articles in the Unit 2 contract.”

Geoff said the Faculty Team will be proposing changes related to some aspects of the Workload and Benefits articles, as well as proposals for compensation of unit members.

“A big difference between Units 1 and 2 relates to the configuration of workdays,” Geoff said.

“Unit 2 faculty members work 220 days annually, and have the ability to take vacation days,” Geoff continued. “However, sometimes it’s difficult for members of the unit to use their vacation days because of the way their work is scheduled.”

“Also, members of Unit 2 sometimes have responsibilities that must be completed in the evening or on weekends, such as College Fast Track enrollment sessions,” Geoff said.

“We discussed some of these workload problems three years ago when we negotiated the Unit 2 contract, but additional effort is needed to resolve the problems,” Geoff added.

Faculty Team members said the Administration Team indicated they will bring a proposal related to the Tenure article of the Unit 2 contract.

Geoff explained, “In the Unit 1 contract, it states that a faculty member ‘must’ apply for tenure at the end of their five-year probationary period. In the Unit 2 contract, it says that the faculty member ‘may’ apply for tenure.”

“We know that some administrators believe that tenure should not be granted to faculty members whose positions are funded by grants, and we’ll certainly listen and try to understand their concerns,” Geoff said. “However, the tenure article has been part of the Unit 2 contract for a long time, and the ability to apply for the awarding of tenure is an important principle for AAUP.”

Additional information about Unit 2 negotiations is in the Dec. 11 issue of AAUP News.

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